FMS Equity Council

For more information: Contact Erin Gockel, Teacher Development and Equity Coordinator, at or (505) 324-9840 ext. 1604.

Equity Council Members:

  • D. Arrington, FMS Director of Multicultural Services

  • T. Baxter, FMS Parent and Equity Coach

  • C. Bizardie, FMS Parent

  • L. Bizardie, FMS Student

  • J. Bowles, FMS Director of Elementary Curriculum

  • A. Caro, Community Member/ENLACE

  • C. Diehl, FMS Superintendent

  • T. Graham-Diaz, FMS Student

  • M. Harris, FMS Student, Family, and Community Outreach Coordinator

  • G. Harrison, FMS Student

  • V. Hedges, FMS Principal

  • C. Kulidge, FMS Director of Exceptional Programs

  • M. Magor-Begay, FMS Parent

  • C. McGraw, SJC Student

  • J. Murphy, FMS Principal

  • C. Rockwell, Community Member/Salvation Army

  • C. Sechwa-Collins, FMS Parent

  • S. Thompson, FMS School Board of Education President

  • N. Williams, FMS Student

Equity Council Membership:

Equity Council applications are available at the end of each school year for vacant council seats.

Other Resources:

Image of FMS Equity Council Framework

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